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Nestled off the southwestern coast of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is a haven for nature enthusiasts, and one of its most breathtaking experiences is whale watching. With its diverse marine ecosystem, the island offers the chance to encounter a variety of whale species in their natural habitat. Let’s embark on a virtual marine safari to explore the magnificent whales that call the waters around Vancouver Island home.

1. Orcas (Killer Whales):
– These iconic black and white creatures are the stars of the show in these waters.
– The southern resident orcas are known for their unique family groups, each with distinct dialects.
– Witnessing orcas breach the surface or work together in hunting pods is a sight to behold.

2. Humpback Whales:
– Humpbacks are celebrated for their acrobatics, including jaw-dropping breaches.
– Their intricate songs, believed to be a form of communication, add to the wonder of encountering them.

3. Gray Whales:
– Catch a glimpse of gray whales during their annual migration, as they travel from their breeding grounds in Mexico to their Arctic feeding grounds.
– These gentle giants are recognized by their mottled, barnacle-covered skin.

4. Minke Whales:
– Minke whales are the smallest baleen whales and are often seen in the region.
– Their elusive nature adds an element of surprise to any whale-watching tour.

5. Pacific White-Sided Dolphins:
– While not a whale, these playful dolphins are frequent companions during whale-watching trips.
– Their striking black-and-white markings and acrobatic displays make for entertaining sightings.

6. Fin Whales:
– As the second-largest whale species globally, fin whales are known for their sleek appearance and streamlined bodies.
– Although they are not the most common sighting, their presence is always a thrill.

7. Blue Whales:
– The largest animal on the planet, the blue whale is a rare but awe-inspiring sight in the region.
– Their sheer size and the breathtaking blue-gray coloration of their skin leave a lasting impression.

Vancouver Island’s marine environment provides a remarkable opportunity to connect with nature and witness the majesty of these magnificent whales. Whale-watching tours offer not only the chance to observe these creatures up close but also promote the importance of conservation and responsible tourism. As you plan your next adventure, consider embarking on a whale-watching excursion around Vancouver Island, where every glimpse of these gentle giants is a testament to the beauty of our natural world.

Best Day Spas in B.C.

Vacations should be about rest and relaxation—and what says R&R better than a luxury visit to one of the best day spas in B.C.? A trip to the spa can make any weekend special. They make for a perfect bachelorette activity or date night, or just a special gift to reward yourself for getting through a tough year! 

These are some of the best day spas in B.C. and what we love about them. 


Vancouver, B.C. Day Spas

Breathe Day Spa

Breathe Spa is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver on Granville Street, near enough to walk the waterfront before or after your spa day. Their luxury packages range from 3.5 – 5.5 hours and include your choice of services, including things like hot stone massages and Hawaiian organic body scrubs. 

Sabai Thai Spa

Sabai Thai Spa is located right by Vancouver’s famous Sea Wall, so be sure to get in a walk or bike ride around the harbour while you’re in the neighbourhood. They have 4 spa packages to choose from but what makes them really special is that they offer enhancements—ALA add-ons—for things like


Kelowna, B.C. Day Spas

Namaste Day Spa

Namaste Day Spa is just off the highway on Gordon Drive, so even those just passing through can’t miss it! They offer a 3.25 hours “half-day” spa package: a classic customized organic facial including exfoliation and extractions, sixty-minute massage with flowing Shiatsu, and a pedicure including nail care and a sea salt scrub. 

Amora Day Spa

Amora Day Spa is located within downtown Kelowna, right near the waterfront as well as the bridge to West Kelowna (perfect for those choosing to stay on that side of town). Set aside 2 or 3 hours to visit them for a full body massage, relaxing facial, body wrap, or mani-pedi. Or all of the above! 


Victoria, B.C. Day Spas

Emerald Day Spa

Emerald Day Spa is located on Cedar Hill Road and received numerous accolades from Black Press for Best Day Spa (2018, 2019) and Best Skin Care Clinic (2020). They have a really cool package for “Spa Parties/Private Parties” that lets you book the whole establishment for events like weddings, birthdays, or stagettes.

The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Empress

The Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Empress is, as the name implies, attached to the Fairmont Empress and offers guests of the hotel access to a pool area and steam room. It was ranked as one of the top spas in Canada by Condé Nast Traveller and is one of the most popular Vancouver Island spas. Non-hotel-guests can still book in for a spa service, which includes everything from massages, facials, body scrubs, and more.


What do you think about our list of best day spas in B.C.? What other B.C. or Canadian cities do you want us to cover on our blog? Let us know!

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