Family Vacation Games: War

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Family Vacation Games: War

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This is the perfect card game for your family vacation! The only “war” to happen is during the game as the players are busy trying to win each other’s cards.

It’s usually played by kids, who love this simple game that requires no strategy. It can be a long game where the luckiest one will be the winner. Also great for when you want a break and keep your kids busy on your family vacation.

There are variations of the game for more than 2 players. You can also choose to play with the jokers and make the game shorter by ending it when someone wins 3 or more battles.

You will need:

A standard deck of cards without the jokers

2 players

Set up:

Shuffle the cards

Deal the cards to all players so each has 26 cards

Players must pile their cards face down

How to play:

At the same time, each player flips the top card of the pile and puts it face up on the table.

The player with the higher card wins the round and adds the two cards to the bottom of his pile. Rank of cards (highest to lowest): A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2.

When two cards of the same value are presented on the table there is a “war”. To decide who wins it both players take two more cards and put them on the table, the first card must be face down and the second must be face up. Whoever pulls the highest second card wins the war and collects all the 6 cards from the table.

The game ends when the winner collects all 52 cards.