Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day on Pender Island

Rainy Day Activities

Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day on Pender Island

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7 Creative Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day on Pender Island

We certainly hope your stay at Breakaway Vacations’ Pender Island rental properties is nothing but sunny the entire time you visit. But that’s not always the case, and a rainy day can be inevitable. Never fear! There is still plenty to do when the clouds cover the sky and the sunlight winks away.

Here are 7 creative ideas for indoor activities:

  1. Play a Card Game – with a Twist

Cards are easy to find in stores and fit in a suitcase, pocket, or purse without taking up too much extra room. You should always pack a deck of cards as an emergency to-do item for any vacation. There are plenty of easy card games for kids if you are traveling as a family. For a fun twist, let the winner choose what they want for dinner as their “prize.”

  1. Pack a Paint-by-Numbers

This is the perfect arts-and-crafts item to bring on vacation because they come with all supplies included (you might have to pack a few extra paint brushes) and are relatively easy to pack thanks to their flat, rectangular design. Choose a painting subject relevant to your trip to make it more fun: ocean scenery or a common wild bird.

  1. Easy Baking Recipes

Look up some easy 3- or 4-ingredient sweets that you can buy for and prepare with relatively little cost and effort. Bonus points if you pick something that can be decorated with icing, sprinkles, and candy afterward—this will give everyone more to occupy themselves with if the weather stays bleak.

  1. Movie Marathon Night

Pack a few DVDs or BluRays just in case. Or, throw a handful of favorite films on a flash drive (even better if you are looking to save space while packing). Bring a few movies that fit a theme, like an animated trilogy or “movies about dogs” and make the night a themed event. If possible, buy snacks that fit your theme!

  1. Read a Book Aloud (or Listen to an Audiobook Together)

Pack something fun and easy to read, like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, depending on the age and preferences of everyone there. You can take turns reading chapters aloud or have different family members read the dialogue for the different characters to make a “mock play” together.

  1. Answer Questions from a Conversation Card Pack

You can find a list of conversation-starting questions online and download it so that you don’t have to pack anything, though having a deck of cards can be more fun for kids. Conversation starter cards are just a way to sit down and learn about one another. Most people like talking about themselves but this is a good exercise in listening, too!

  1. Meditate to the Sound of Fresh Rain

Granted, this one probably only works if you aren’t traveling with children or they have already gone to bed for the night. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to sit still and breathe. Meditation tracks are nice and all but it’s a whole new experience when listening to the fresh rain of Pender Island.


A rainy day doesn’t have to be the only reason to go for a night in. Vacationing is about relaxation and sometimes you just need to stay in, kick back, and relax. We hope this list of ideas helps you do just that.