Parrot Island Sanctuary in the Okanagan


Parrot Island Sanctuary in the Okanagan

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Parrot Island Sanctuary

Learn everything about exotic birds while having fun in the Okanagan Valley. See beautiful parrots, macaws, cockatoos and parakeets up close, they will entertain you and put a smile on your kids’ faces, great for when on family vacation.

They can dance, talk, do tricks and whistle. They even cry loudly if you don’t give them attention.

Parrot Island Sanctuary is a rescue facility for abandoned and abused exotic birds. Visit the sanctuary to share their passion and love for these birds. It is also a chance to educate and teach children about exotic birds and at the same time support an amazing cause.


5090 MacKinnon Road

Peachland BC V0H 1X2

Tel (250) 767-9030

Fax (250) 767-9030